Project Objective
The goal of this platform is to effectively satisfy the increasing demand for the information of public transport, including the needs of cross-modes, cross-regions and cross-agencies. The PTX platform provides the "M2M" standards and mechanisms for data modeling and data exchanges. The architecture of PTX platform is based on "SOA". It cooperates with other public transport platforms and systems maintained by various agencies. Proceed to speed up the achievement of the innovative applications in intelligent transport, and implement the objective of public transport data sharing.

Services Description
The data of PTX platform includes four main categories: road, rail, aviation, and ferry. It covers the data types such as: operators, network, routes, stops/stations, schedule, fare, route geometry, real-time GPS, estimated time of arrival(ETA), station-based live-board displays, schedule changes and emergency alerts…etc. The PTX platform uses ETL process to do data cleaning and transform source data to the standardized Datasets. By the standardized processing, the PTX platform provides a high-quality and 4-star open-data API service by OData (Open Data Protocol) ISO-standard interface.

Value-added Applications
For the government staffs, developers, individuals, community users, related industries, and academic researchers, the PTX open data API and services will bring a very convenient way to retrieve, calculate, use, query, and analyze the high quality data of public transportation. Developers can retrieve on-demand public transportation services and data by using standard and unified ODATA URI conventions. Moreover, the convenience of data access can help us to realize more innovative services, business models, and information sharing paradigms.